Sparring for Boxing


Practise makes perfect, and at Urban Kings we are focussed on perfecting your boxing skill to get the best out of your great potential. Sparring classes are for intermediate boxers upwards, but if you’re ready then come on down to our London training facility to see what we can offer.

About Boxing Sparring Classes


Sparring is a great way to put to practice all techniques learnt in class against an opponent, this is a class with direct contact to really allow you to practise the skills you have learnt in your boxing training. However, our trainers will always ensure that you practise safely and that exercising control is always a top priority.

What it takes

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When to Start Boxing Sparring

If you are starting out as a new boxer, then you must pick up the skills required to train safely before you being sparring, to get started you should take a look at our Boxing class – this will allow you to pick up the fundamentals.

To begin sparring we require that you have been practicing boxing for a while before joining the class and it will be up to the trainers discretion to decide when you are ready to begin.

What Will I Need to Begin?

Physical fitness is of the utmost importance before you begin sparring, this can be achieved as part of our boxing class or you can speed up the process by attending our Conditioning sessions.

The proper equipment is also necessary, so make sure you have 16oz boxing gloves, mouth guard and head gear. If you do not have these items, then please chat to one of the gym staff about purchasing them.

Boxing Sparring Gallery


About the Trainer


Josh Palmer

Joining the UKG Team at the start of 2013, Josh brings with him a huge wealth of experience as a Pro Thai Boxer, Boxer and BJJ practitioner. Josh is one of our longest serving trainers and his calm and confident demeanour has always been popular with our membership.


  • ISKA intercontinental champion 67 kg
  • WMF Ontario, Canadian, North American champion 67 and 70 kg
  • Wins in Lumpini and Rajadamnern stadiums , Bangkok, Thailand
  • S1 tournament 2008 , Kings Birthday, Bangkok ,Thailand
  • Semi finalist Z1 – 67kg tournament ,Malaysia, 2009
  • Wins in IFMA world championships 2009
  • I1 tournament Vs Andrei Kulebin , Hong Kong , 2010
  • Finalist WMC North American 140 lbs tournament 2011
  • Muay Thai Contests: 65+
  • MMA Record: 1-0-0
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Blue Belt
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