Handstands & Calisthenics


Calisthenics classes can be hard to come by, even in London. This fantastic body weight training is a specialist discipline and Urban Kings gym are proud to be one of a selection of central London locations to offer this class to our members.

About Calisthenics & Handstands


If you have ever wanted to achieve that freestanding handstand or already can and don’t know where else to push it, this is the class for you. Using the body-weight principles of Calisthenics, you will learn balance, control and hone that all important core strength.

This class will explore all types of inverted balancing, It is suitable for everyone, those who can already do a handstand, freestanding or assisted and those who have never tried a handstand.

This class will teach you all the techniques acquired to perform a free standing handstand.

The handstand and Calisthenics class will work on:

  • Core strengthening
  • Body alignment for that perfect straight handstand
  • All inverted balances, headstand, handstand, body levers
  • Partner spotting and correcting techniques
  • Exercises to help with mobility, strength and flexibility to improve your handstand

What it takes

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About the Trainer


Sammy Dinneen

Sammy Dinneen is a professional handstand artist and one of the best and most technical handbalancers in the UK. He has been teaching across the world for 4 years – from recreational classes, through to training olympic gymnasts. He teaches people the basics of a freestanding handstand and also teaches high level circus artists the ability to create and perform acts with various 1 arm and contorted handstands.

Sammy will help you develop the unique skills of a handstand, planche, muscle up, human flag, front and back levers, while you will be getting much stronger he will also explore your full bodies ability to be as mobile as possible.


  • 4 years training experience
  • Olympic athletics clients
  • Trained at Circus Space: National Centre for Circus Arts
  • Broadway artist performer
  • BTEC & Degree teacher
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