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Urban Kings Gym, based in London’s Kings Cross offer corporate events like no other. We take team building to the next level with our selection of custom designed corporate fitness events, curated by our expert team of fitness instructors and backed up with our second to none in-house staff. Offering you and your colleagues a corporate away day like you've never experienced before.

The corporate event space


Urban Kings Gym is located in the heart of central London, a 1 minute walk from Kings Cross / St Pancras station. You'll be welcomed to your event by our enthusiastic and helpful reception staff and will enter our lively underground gym space. We are proud of our clean, modern, light and welcoming space and we're sure your event attendees will be impressed with what they see.

While our gym is busy throughout the day with our regular classes, you will have your own spacious section of the gym that will be reserved for you and your event. The space that is used will depend on the kind of event that you've chosen for your team: This can range from our full size boxing ring to our fitness space or our dojo areas.

Our Spaces

  • Cardio suite
  • Boxing ring
  • Workout area
  • 2X Dojo areas

(Our studio and dojo spaces are fitted with projectors and screens)

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The benefits of corporate event days

There have been numerous studies that have shown that corporate team events have a positive effect on employees, team cohesion and stress relief. As a result this increases employee wellbeing and can improve overall company performance via great corporate culture and event days like the ones provided by Urban Kings Gym.

On top of this, corporate fitness events can have a long term health benefit to employees by building their confidence around exercise and potentially sparking the 'fitness bug' that can increase long term physical activity and improved mental wellbeing as a result.

Studies show:

Corporate Fitness Event Options


Urban Kings Gym is a specialist martial arts gym and as a result we can offer our corporate event clients experiences that most have never encountered before. But beyond this, our supplemental classes focus on the all round fitness and wellness of our members - the combination of these carefully crafted sessions allows us to create corporate events that meet the needs of all fitness and experience levels.

We have a selection of pre-planned events combine a mix of our martial arts and fitness classes, bootcamp sessions or more technical sessions to give your group a basic understanding of specialist disciplines.

Corporate Bootcamp

Let us take your group through their paces with a corporate bootcamp based on the principles of our conditioning & express circuits classes.

Our professional trainers will assess the fitness levels and abilities of your group and design a routine that will get your hearts pumping and your bodies sweating.

Our corporate bootcamps reflect the principles of high intensity training, mixed with resistance exercises to produce a full body workout that builds strength, raises your heart rate and burns calories.

After a bootcamp session you should feel the endorphins and the energy flowing throughout your body. A natural rush like no other.

What it takes


Mixed Martial Arts Taster Sessions

Treat your corporate event group to taster sessions of any of our Mixed Martial Arts classes. These include: Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Kickboxing and Thai Boxing.

These sessions are focussed on the beginner, so there's no need to have ever done any kind of martial art beforehand. Just let us know the general fitness level of your group and our experienced trainers will tailor a session to show you the basics of any martial art and give you some fundamental understanding of art of fighting.

We can offer sessions on a single martial art, or give you a mix of any classes you would like to learn.

What it takes


Fitness and Flexibility Sessions

A mix of our none martial arts classes, all lead by experienced and enthusiastic trainers from different backgrounds in fitness. We can create a mix of sessions based on Yoga (we practise Vinyasa Flow techniques), Yogalates (a mix of yoga and pilates in one class), Spin, Kettlebells and our more specialist classes like Animal Flow or Calisthenics & Handstands.

Just let us know what kind of session would fit your event and we'll put together a package of 30 - 60 minute classes that flow into one another. We will take into account the other techniques in your sessions to ensure they work in the right order so your group has the energy to perform well in each of them.

What it takes


Custom Corporate Events

If you have a mix of sessions in mind for your group, you want to try one of our classes in a more intense manner, or your group is already familiar with a particular discipline. Just let us know and we can provide a custom corporate fitness event for your team. We are open and flexible to your ideas and our only condition is that your event does not interfere with the training of our regular members.

Here's What We Offer


Our Trainers

Henry Johnson

Henry JohnsonAdvanced Remedial Massage TherapistHenry Johnson has been treating clients since 2005. Throughout his years of clinical practice, Henry has established a reputation for fast and effect...

Simone Gubernati

Simone GubernatiConditioning & Personal TrainingThe greatest trophy you can ever achieve in fitness is to see a part of yourself flourish, that would have otherwise remained undiscovered.Simone Gub...

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