Covid-19 Information for members

Last updated: 07/04/21

As the ever changing Covid-19 situation develops, we have created this online resource which covers all of the latest information about changes to Urban Kings Gym, how it will effect our members and the new systems & regulations that all members must adhere to in order to keep our staff and members safe.

We appreciate that the situation is not ideal for our members or us as a gym, so we ask for understanding, patience and good will from our members while we adjust to the new normal and try to make Urban Kings the safest place possible for you to train.

The gym will reopen on Monday 12th of April at 8AM

The current UK Government guidance allows Urban Kings to operate in a limited manner until further restrictions are lifted on May 17th.

Our Online Timetable

For the foreseeable future we following an online class timetable, as we cannot run classes in person until May 17th at the earliest. Click the link below to see our current online timetable.

If you are current member of Urban Kings Gym, you can register for our online classes by emailing us at

If you are already registered, you can login and find our online timetable with links to classes by clicking the online class button.

Our Covid-19 Gym Setup

We have strict new rules regarding the way we run classes and how our members are required to operate when you visit the gym. Please carefully review all of this information before attending the gym when we reopen.

You must inform us immediately if you test positive for Covid-19.

While we have done out utmost to reduce the infection potential of our new gym setup, this can only work if you play your part.

If you receive a positive test for Covid-19 at any time up to a week after visiting the gym, you must inform us of this immediately so that we are able to inform any potentially affected members and we can instruct our staff to self isolate for the appropriate amount of time .

Your personal details will not be shared with staff or members and when you contact us, please ask to speak to management to ensure confidentiality.

Members must maintain social distancing.

It is important that you keep 2m apart wherever possible when inside the gym. If you would feel comfortable wearing a mask when inside the gym, but not working out, that would be an added benefit to our other members - although we are not enforcing masks as a rule.

Come dressed to train where possible.

In order to keep the potential for close physical interactions to a minimum and to stop the spread of coronavirus on surfaces, we request that you come dressed for your workout where possible.

If this is not possible for you then the changing rooms will be accessible, however we are required to limit changing room space to four people at one time.

If you do require access to the changing rooms, we are running a 'tag' system. Pick up one of the tags on your way in and return it to the hooks on your way out. Please be sure to sanitise your hands after touching the tags, as these will be cleaned periodically, but not after each use.

Temperature checks are mandatory.

When entering the gym, we will ask to take your temperature with an infrared thermometer at reception. If your temperature is within the 'fever' range of 37.8C or greater - we will ask you to wait for 10 minutes before testing you again.

If your temperature is still in the fever range we will ask you not to enter the gym on this occasion - and we recommend you take a covid test.

We are operating a one way system.

When you visit the gym, please ensue you use the main entrance at York road to enter the gym. When you leave the gym, please use the courtyard exit. We may have some temporary classes running in the courtyard, please be aware of that when leaving.

Inside the gym you will find signs indicating areas that are operating one way systems. We have limited space in the gym, so please be alert and do your best to adhere to the systems.

Personal training sessions.

We are still able to offer 121 personal training sessions in the club, as we are able to keep these socially distant. They may be a little different than normal, but we're confident you'll still love them.

For members who can't make it into the gym regularly, we are exploring the possibility of running at home sessions, specially designed for remote PT workouts.

Showers and lockers are still available (but the sauna is not).

We are allowing access to the showers and changing rooms, but we will be forced to limit this to four people art a time. So if you are able to shower at home, that would be beneficial to our other members who cannot. There will be a tag system outside the changing rooms, to indicate how many people are occupying the area.

The lockers will be available as normal, with the addition of a cleaning station to allow you to wipe down the lockers before and/or after use.

Unfortunately the sauna will be out of operation until further notice.

No spotting.

To maintain social distancing guidance, unfortunately you can't ask your friends to spot you when using weights.

While we are extremely happy to welcome our weight lifters back to the gym, you may have to reduce your maximum weight lifts for the time being.

Please clean the equipment after use.

We are increasing the frequency and standard of the gym cleaning via our cleaning contractors. However, to ensure that the gym is kept as sterile as possible, we ask all members to clean down the equipment after you use it.

We have installed cleaning stations around the gym, which will be replenished frequently. If you find supplies are low, please let a member of reception staff know and they will organise a restock.

We're live streaming our classes.

We understand that not all members will return from day one and others will not be able to attend as often as they like. With restrictions on class numbers, you may also not be able to attend each time you would like.

With this in mind, we are setting up live streams of our classes. These will not be like our at home classes during lockdown and we are looking to make them as professional and interactive as possible - with communication with the trainer available to make sure you're part of the group.

We will revisit the streaming of in gym classes to our online portal once classes return on May 17th.

Access Livestream Classes Here(Members Only)

Members must book classes online before attending.

As part of our social distancing rules, we have to limit the amount of members in the gym at one time. To ensure this system is effective, we will ask all members to book the classes they wish to attend online before attending the gym.

We are using the FitSense App to organise our online booking system, you can find download info here.

This advice will return once we are allowed to operate classes from May 17th.

Not all classes are returning immediately.

Due to social distancing rules and the size & layout of the gym, we are unable to offer all of our normal classes when we reopen.

Any class that involves physical contact is not allowed and our spin classes require too much space to be a feasible option right now.

The following classes will be temporarily unavailable until further notice:

  • All BJJ classes
  • Sparring classes
  • Grappling
  • Spin

We are closely following government guidance and later in the year when social distancing is due to be reduced, we will return all classes to our timetable, where possible.

What we are doing to keep you safe

There is strict guidance relating to gyms reopening during Covid-19. Urban Kings has ensured it has met all standards and where possible we have strived to go beyond the minimum requirements to provide our staff and members with extra peace of mind.



We have instructed our cleaning company to deep clean the gym using Covid Secure methods. Our cleaning staff have undergone training to ensure they are cleaning with infection control in mind. They will also be cleaning the gym with virus killing fluids on a regular basis.

In addition to this, we have installed cleaning stations in the gym and we advise all members to clean down the equipment before and after use.

Antiviral protection.

We are installing antiviral coverings in door handles, push plates and other touch points around the gym.

We will be providing touch free hand sanitiser at reception and other personal hygiene measures inside the gym.

Our classes will be socially distant.

Our trainers have been hard at work devising ways to get the most of our your classes with social distancing in place. We will be offering limited spaces at each class and have reduced some of our class times to ensure everyone can exit the gym before the next class is due to begin.

We're exploring outside classes.

We have secured use of the outside courtyard area as a class space. We currently have not planned any specific classes for this area, but will be exploring the possibility of using this space on an ad-hoc basis should once the weather is warmer in the spring season.

We're going completely contactless.

All of our in gym transactions, such as merchandise sales or juice bar purchases can only be made using contactless payments.

No face to face training (yet).

We are constantly monitoring current guidance and at this stage of the Covid-19 outbreak it is not currently safe to take part in contact or face to face training. This means Boxing and Thai Boxing sessions will be bag work, or technique based sessions for the foreseeable future.

Contact tracing.

To keep our staff, members and the wider community safe, we will be storing visitor data so that we are able to aid the governments track and trace system should there be a member who contracts confirmed Coovid-19. Your data is stored safely in accordance with our privacy policy and we will only share this data with the UK authorities.

In the occurrence of a Covid-19 case, if you were in the gym at the same time or shortly after the infected person, we may choose to contact you ourselves, if we do not feel the government system is going to work quickly enough,

No towels on the gym floor.

We will continue to provide clean towels to our members, although these will be limited to larger shower towels - not the smaller hand towels.

We ask members not to use any sort of towel on the gym floor, as they are a potential infection risk. Please leave any used towels that belong to the gym in the towel wash bin in the shower area.

We're removing medicine balls.

As part of the gym's Covid-19 risk assessment, we have been advised against the use of medicine balls. This is due to the way they are used and their large surface area being more difficult to clean efficiently.

For the foreseeable future we will be removing medicine balls from the gym.