Domenico Patronaggio

Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer


Domenico has been passionate about fitness since he was a child. His fitness story started with Martial Arts in 1995; training in the Shitō-ryū style of Karate, achieving a brown belt in this discipline. Domenico has also competed on an international level in full contact Kick Boxing, Power Lifting and Obstacle Races.

Domenico  says: “I believe that everyone can reach their goals, motivation and willpower are the most important factors during coaching and training” His specialities are functional training; HIIT and Les Mills Classes. He revels in challenges and competitiveness, that’s why he wants to push his clients beyond their self determined limits, to meet their goals.

Domenico is fully qualified as a REPs Level 3 Advanced Instructor, he is a LBT Bodypump teacher, insanity instructor, plus an experienced spinning and conditioning trainer – which means that he can safely teach and instruct people of all ages and abilities across various disciplines. Over 5 years he has enjoyed spending time with his clients, indoor or outdoor, Domenico is always available to help and support his clients making them more confident and in the best shape possible using a mix of nutritional values and training advice.


  • Athlete: Powerlifting Movements.
  • Athlete: Kick boxing – Full Contact.
  • Athlete: Ultratrail Marathon – NFW 75 miles.
  • Athlete: Obstacle Race; qualified for European and Worldwide championship.