Important Member Information: Coronavirus Outbreak 2020

This post was last updated on March 13th 2020 March 17th 2020 – we will try and keep this updated as the situation develops.

As you will be aware, the current outbreak of the Corvi-19 coronavirus looks likely to worsen and we must all do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus among our community. Urban Kings has decided that currently, we will remain open to members who still wish to attend the gym and classes. This may change at any time and we will likely make decisions with one day’s notice to members. We will inform members of changes or closure via email and/or text message – please stay in touch with us.

In the near future we will almost certainly be reducing our class timetable and potentially our opening hours, stay in close contact with us on email and social media. We will circulate a new timetable as soon as we know more.

While we are open, Urban Kings is implementing the following steps to prevent infections to our membership and we request that all members strictly adhere to these rules:

  1. All members must sanitise their hands on entry to the club, you will find hand sanitiser at reception and around the club. We will try and keep these stocked up, but let a member of staff know if these need replacing.
  2. If you are displaying any respiratory tract infection signs (e.g a new or persistent cough) or have a fever. Unfortunately, we have to ask you to stay away from the gym for 14 days. If you live with others, they should also self isolate for a 14 day period. If they become ill towards the end of that period, they should then stay isolated for 7 days from the day they become symptomatic.
  3. While in the club, please adhere to basic hygiene standards. Be sure to sneeze into your elbow rather than you hand, and if you do sneeze into your hands, please wash your hands thoroughly before continuing with your workout.
  4. We are asking all members to help us keep the gym clean and hygienic, we have gym specific cleaning wipes available on the gym floor. We ask that all members wipe down equipment once they have finished with that piece of equipment. This applies to all members and no one is exempt.
  5. We are working with our cleaning providers to ensure that all areas of the gym are thoroughly cleaned to prevent the spread of any kind of bacteria or virus. The cleaners are doing extra shifts and are being extra diligent to ensure the gym is hygienically clean at the end of each day.

Please understand that this is a difficult time for us all and this is an entirely new situation for us to operate in. We are doing our best to adapt quickly and we hope to get everything right the first time, however if there is anything you are concerned about, please let us know.

If you are unable to attend the gym due to a pre-existing medical condition and would like to discuss your membership. Please contact – we are working on special measures to help our members during this difficult time.

From everyone at Urban Kings – we thank you for your cooperation and ask you to be a team player in these exceptional times. We are all in this together, so please look out for each other.