Jude Samuel

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Grappling Trainer


In 2005, a new era is dawned in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene in the United Kingdom with Mauricio Gomes awarding Jude Samuel his Black Belt after almost 7 years under his tutelage. Jude is a lifelong student of the martial arts, since first taking up Thai Boxing at the age of 17/18, studying Judo and Wrestling on the journey to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The life long Londoner, Instructor and former Art Director had been integral to the development of the UK BJJ competition circuit for adults and kids alike in the early years, through the former combat sports "think tank” EFNSports. Putting events such as ADCC Nationals, Gracie Invitational, Southern / Northern Opens which has made the way of the explosion of competitions in the UK currently.

From the development of this extensive network, Samuel left the creative world in 2009 and joined his passion for Martial Arts and Events, and went into TV Production / Talent Management. All whilst still following his passion for teaching and helping with the development of individuals through martial arts.

After 6 plus years teaching BJJ for his instructor, in 2010 Samuel developed Inglorious Grapplers, a central London Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team (with the HQ at Urban Kings Gym) that now has networks in Hong Kong, France, China, South Korea, Ireland and other cities in the UK. All with personally developed instructors. We encourage our students to discover the best of themselves and becoming a better human being through the tough daily grind of martial arts training.


  • 1999: UK BJJ Open: Middleweight Gold
  • 1999: UK BJJ Open: Most Technical Fighter award.
  • 2002: Gracie Barra Open: Middleweight Gold
  • 2002: Belgium Open: Middleweight Gold
  • 2002: Belgium Open: Absolute Gold
  • 2002: Belgium Open: Technical Fighter award.
  • 2002: UK Ground Fighting Tournament: Middleweight Gold & Absolute Gold
  • 2003: IBJJF Pan American Championships: Middle-Heavyweight Bronze
  • 2004: IBJJF Europeans: Middleweight Bronze
  • 2004: IBJJF Europeans: Team Competition Silver
  • 2004: Gracie Invitational at SENI – Middle-Heavyweight Gold
  • 2005: IBJJF Europeans: Middle-Heavyweight Bronze
  • 2005: IBJJF Europeans: Absolute Silver
  • 2006: IBJJF Europeans: Middle weight Gold
  • 2006: IBJJF Europeans: Absolute Silver
  • 2009: IBJJF Europeans: Middle weight Gold
  • 2009: IBJJF Europeans: Absolute Silver