Kettlebells offer a versatile full body workout for people of all fitness levels; Urban Kings tried and tested Kettlebell regimes take place multiple times a week at our central London location.

About Kettlebells Classes


Kettlebells have been used for centuries in Russia. Pavel Tsatsouline, a former Russian special forces trainer, brought kettlebell training to America in year 2000 and it’s now being embraced across the country by top fitness trainers, competitive athletes and ordinary folks who want results and are willing to work hard to get them.

Kettlebell workouts run for about an hour, the length of a typical aerobics class or personal training session. For beginners, classes typically start with mastering the swings, which is key if users are to be safe and enjoy the maximum benefit of the kettlebell. Beginners start with small swings and work up to wide, controlled moves designed to improve coordination and range of motion.

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Kettlebells for Beginners


Once students have learned the swings, teachers incorporate various moves designed to get the heart rate up, improve coordination and strength, and tone various parts of the body. While kettlebell workouts contribute to overall toning, many people find the fastest and most noticeable improvement comes in the Glute and hamstring areas.

Many of the moves mimic tasks we perform in our daily lives, from swinging grocery bags to lifting babies from the floor to pulling ourselves up after a fall. Performing these moves with the kettlebells works all the muscle groups.

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