Kickboxing (Glory)

London Kickboxing classes for all levels.

Urban Kings offers kickboxing classes for anyone interested in this skilful martial art. We specialise in Glory Kickboxing at our training facility in London, with multiple classes per week, aimed at different skill levels.

Glory Kickboxing is a mixture of certain Thai boxing techniques and traditional kickboxing techniques.
The use of elbow strikes, sweeps and throws aren’t allowed, the clinch must be active and can vary from 3-5 seconds in which the fighter can use multiple knee strikes. This style of fighting has a very fast tempo, with big emphasis on movement, boxing and hard leg kicks.

What to Expect

We generally run a Glory Kickboxing class weekly, with a sparring glass for those who want ‘real world’ practise to practise the skills they have learned. Both are run as group sessions, with up to 20 people (usually less) learning from professional Kickboxers who compete at competition level.

Kickboxing for Beginners

It can be a daunting experience learning any new skill and that can be increased even further when it comes to something like Kickboxing. However, our trainers are professional and skilled teachers, they started as beginners, just like you. As a beginner you will receive all the help and extra attention you may need to bring your skill level up and achieve your Kickboxing goals.

You will not be expected to take part in any Kickboxing sparring sessions until you are ready, and you’re welcome to come in and speak with your trainer before sessions if you have any concerns at all.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?