Sparring for Kickboxing

Sparring for Kickboxing classes in London.

Look no further than Urban Kings Gym, we specialist in Glory Kickboxing in our London based training facility. We offer Sparring for intermediate kickboxers and above, so if you’re ready to go, so are we – Let’s get started!

Kickboxing sparring is a great way to put to practice the multiple striking techniques learnt from your trainers, sparring requires the appropriate equipment; mouth guard, 16 oz boxing gloves, shin guards and groin guard, head guard is optional but may be a good choice specially for the more novice students who need to get used to taking punches and need to build confidence.
kickboxing trainer and partner

Sparring for Experience

These classes are more suited for the intermediate to advanced students so if you are new please ask your trainer if you’re ready to attend these.

Before thinking about Kickboxing Sparring, be sure that you are confident in your techniques and skill level. Your trainer will be able to work with you to get you to the level needed and will advise you when taking your first steps into Sparring.

two kickboxers fighting

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?