Kru Mariusz Slowinski

Thai Boxing, Boxing and Strength & Conditioning

Mariusz Slowinski

Kru Mariusz has been training in martial arts since 1996. He began with traditional jiu jitsu and Oyama karate – a style created by Grand Master Shigeru Oyama. During this period, Kru Mariusz competed in over 50 different tournaments featuring many different karate schools and styles, both full contact. Kru Mariusz then undertook training in Thailand.

He visited renowned camps in Bangkok (Sor Vorapin); Koh Samui (WMC Camp) and Ubon Ratchathai (Legacy Gym) before discovering and forging a partnership with Keatkhamtorn Gym in Bangkok, where many top fighters and champions train! Kru Mariusz is the first non-Thai to have worked as a trainer to the fighters there, and has worked with Nopparat, Laemthong Thor Ponchai and Deatsuriya Sittiprasert. He now travels to Keatkhamtorn Gym regularly to keep on top of the latest techniques, developments, training methods and conditioning regimes. He has developed an exclusive relationship with the gym and organises trips for groups of students to travel for authentic Thai boxing training.

His approach to training is based on authentic Muay Thai, but he also incorporates punches and techniques from Western Boxing to ensure students and fighters become as well rounded as possible and have the most powerful tools in their arsenal.


  • ABA Boxing Coach
  • Thai Boxing Coach (certified by Keatkhamtorn Gym, Bangkok)
  • Exercise and Fitness Knowledge & Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach CSCC (certified by JC Santana)