Masood Abdulah

Boxing & Personal Trainer


Masood was born in Afghanistan and moved to the UK in 2001 in search for a better life.

Being a foreign national and not being able to speak the language, Masood stood out and began to get targeted because of his nationality, sometimes violently - this is the main reason why he started to train in martial arts.

What started as self defence soon grew to a passion for combat sports. Massod stared to compete in Muay Thai & Sanshou and began a journey into boxing in 2016/2017.

Masood has achieved many milestones in his career, he is the first male from London since 1997 to win the England ABAs elites at Lightweight. He was also the first person to win novices, intermediates, elites and GB championship all in one season and Masood is the first male to win the ABA elites in under 30 fights as a (Setting a new record in the amateurs as a lightweight)

All of this was achieved within 3 years of joining the sport of boxing.

Masood has now joined the professional ranks and signed a contract with Frank Warren, Queensbury promotions and BT sports.


  • 1x GB Elite Tri Nations Champ
  • 1x ABA Elite National  Champ
  • 1x ABA National Development Champ
  • 5x London Champ