Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

The first step in any fitness programme is to ensure you have the correct approach to a healthy lifestyle and a proper nutritional program. In our lifestyle and nutrition consultation we cover a variety of topics including:

Goal Setting

By the end of your consultation you will have a clear understanding of your goals, how long it is going to take you to reach them and a detailed plan of how to get there.

sleeping dog
Stress & Sleep

We look at common modern day problems such as chronic stress or poor sleep patterns, why they affect your hormonal profile and how to resolve them. We will teach you how adjusting your diet and your lifestyle for the better will help you to improve your hormonal balance and get your body back to ‘homeostasis’ – perfectly balanced.

body measuring equipment
Body Fat & Food Analysis

Regularly measuring your body fat % levels allows you to track your progress every step of the way. Having someone regularly review your food diary with you makes you accountable and it also means we can identify the biggest mistakes you are currently making in your diet.


The importance of nutrition is so often overlooked by those trying to get in shape. Learning to choose the correct food to eat every day will fuel both your body and mind. About 90% of my clients believe they eat a healthy diet but when we start to look at their diet it’s obvious that they are unaware of many dietary mistakes that they make on a daily basis. Unfortunately most of us have been educated through a mixture of media sales pitches and false advice from friends and family or a poorly structured educational system.

Through our personalised diet plans specifically tailored for your body type and lifestyle, you can achieve any goal you want; lose weight, reduce body fat and increase energy. Improve mental clarity and your overall general wellbeing.