Refer a Friend & Get a Month's Free Membership


As part of your Urban Kings Gym membership, we offer you the ability to earn free membership months by referring your friends to join the gym.

We believe that the best way to preserve our supporting, positive and likeminded community is to attract the friends of our members to our club.

This way we can ensure we grow and thrive as a community, rather than becoming a generic fitness venue.

In order to earn your free month's membership, just fill in your details below and the details of your friend. Once they sign up to one of our 12-month membership options, we will extend your membership by one month.

  • Fill in Yours & Your Friend's Details Below

    Don’t worry, we won’t record any of the details and we won’t get a copy of the emails you send either.

  • The Website Will Send Them an Email on Your Behalf

    This email will come from you directly and will have your details on it. We will let them know about the free trial class and that you’ll get a month’s free membership if they sign up.

  • Your Friend Will Receive a Link to Our Website

    All they need to do is follow the link and make an enquiry. They need to include your name so that we can ensure you get your free month’s membership.

  • We Will Show Them Round & Sign Them Up For a Free Trial Class

    The hard work is over, let us do the rest. We’re confident they will love their trail class and will sign up to a membership.

  • They Sign Up, You Get Your Month Free.

    As long as your friend signs up for a 12-month membership plan, then we will add an additional month’s membership to your contract.

Just Fill in The Form Below & We'll do The Rest

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