Sammy Dinneen

Handstand & Calisthenics Trainer


Sammy Dinneen is a professional handstand artist and one of the best and most technical handbalancers in the UK. He has been teaching across the world for 4 years – from recreational classes, through to training olympic gymnasts. He teaches people the basics of a freestanding handstand and also teaches high level circus artists the ability to create and perform acts with various 1 arm and contorted handstands.

Sammy will help you develop the unique skills of a handstand, planche, muscle up, human flag, front and back levers, while you will be getting much stronger he will also explore your full bodies ability to be as mobile as possible.

Sammy trained at a dance school in Edinburgh, while he was there he watched a few circus shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. This was the start of his journey. He then attended Circus Space (The National Centre for Circus Arts: the UK’s national circus school) where he trained for 3 years, specialising in handstands but also achieving a high level in acrobatics and other circus disciplines. Sammy then travelled to the Ukraine and trained there with the top handbalancers in the world.

Sammy is a seasoned performer and professional, he has performed in ‘Batman Live’, the World tour, after this he went straight onto perform in ‘Traces’ for the prestigious company; 7 fingers, the show consists of just 7 performers who never leave the stage, they perform their own specialised skill as well as ensemble numbers.

After returning to London and performing across the UK with his own solo act he went back to America and performed in Pippin the Broadway musical which he toured with for 8 months. Sammy now teaches at London’s Nation Circus School on the youth, BTEC, Degree and Participation and Outreach programmes, teaching many different disciplines but specialising in handstand and acrobatics.


  • 4 years training experience
  • Olympic athletics clients
  • Trained at Circus Space: National Centre for Circus Arts
  • Broadway artist performer
  • BTEC & Degree teacher