Simone Gubernati

Conditioning & Personal Training

The greatest trophy you can ever achieve in fitness is to see a part of yourself flourish, that would have otherwise remained undiscovered.
Simone Gubernati

Simone Gubernati was born in Italy and has spent his entire life with a passion for fitness and exercise. At the age of four he started practising at his first Vietnamese martial arts gym, where he learned discipline and the basics of how exercise affects the body.

Simone did not like that he had a smaller frame compared to other gym goers, so at the age of 18 he decided to begin bodybuilding. This immediately became a healthy addiction for Simoné and he has been actively training since, he has also taken part in some competitive events in this field.

In the last few years, Simone has been working and studying with the ‘Natural Peaking’ bodybuilding team from Italy. Who specialise in building muscle naturally, with no performance enhancers and following a diet that is as healthy and natural as possible.

Simone has fantastic knowledge of nutrition and is a talented cook. He uses his abilities in the kitchen with his understanding of food to help people eat well and hit their target weight, by partnering diet with exercise.


  • Level 1-2 CONI/ACSI
  • Level 2-3 REPS/CIMSPA
  • Suspension training TRX
  • Power club training
  • Strength & Conditioning training
  • Circuit training
  • Medicine ball training
  • Kettlebell training
  • Qualified first aider