Solly Muwaniri

Conditioning & Personal Trainer

Being able to do something that you once thought was impossible is one of the best feelings in world.
Solly Dezmond
Unfortunately Solly is no longer a trainer at Urban Kings. Take a look at our Trainer Page to see our current lineup.

Solly has been interested in sports since the age of four. He found love for many sports growing up but football and athletics were the ones in which he could shine - finding that the sports you are best at are the ones you enjoy the most.

Solly started training in the gym from the age of 16, then weightlifting became a big part of his life. He then attended Elite Performance and fitness academy in Dublin which is regarded as one of the best in Ireland - he learned the value of technique and form when it comes to effective progression.

Solly started experimenting with different training styles and came across calisthenic, then fell in love with it. He loves the idea of being able to master your body and to perform moves that at first seem impossible.

Outside of conditioning and calisthenics, he enjoys running and obstacle course racing. Solly has completed a marathon and competes in spartan races.


  • Calisthenics & bodyweight strength
  • Personal trainer
  • Nutritionist
  • Conditioning, spin & les mills instructor