Think Spin is easy? Think again! Urban Kings Gym incorporated Spin into our London based classes to help our members combine martial arts disciplines with a fitness routine that would truly burn calories and build endurance like no other class could.

Please note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Urban Kings Gym cannot offer Spin classes, as the floor-plan of the gym is not sufficient for social distancing. We will resume Spin once the situation allows.

About Spin Classes


Spin is a high intensity cardio exercise in which you build intensity with resistance from the bike and bursts of energy which increase at your own rate. The unique thing about a group Spin class is that the energy of the group helps you to push harder via competition and group mentality.

Spin is a fantastic tool to build endurance, burn calories, increase your heart rate and get truly fit. Spin is a true challenge. but the great element of it is it is adaptable to your fitness level - work at your own pace and increase your intensity over the weeks to really feel the benefit.

What it takes

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What to expect at a spin class

One of the most common misconceptions about Spin classes is that you have to be pretty fit to even start taking part. This is absolutely not the case: One of the reasons that Spin is such a fantastic builder of cardio fitness and endurance is that it's open to gym goers of all levels. by controlling your speed, resistance and rest periods, you can pace yourself to ensure that you're able to take part in our (usually) hour long classes.

If you are a beginner at Spin and have any concerns at all, just speak to your trainer ahead of the class start time and they will ensure that you start at a level where you feel comfortable. There is no need to keep up the rest of the class and you can take a break whenever you need to - Urban Kings Gym is a judgement free zone and we're here to encourage you to improve your fitness at your own pace.

While Spin is an individual exercise routine, with your own bike, own space and own pace. You will find that the class itself is fast paced, loud and exciting. The reason Spin works so well as a group activity is that the 'pack mentality' will likely make you want to push yourself that little bit harder to keep the pace with your classmates. Our trainers are also there to give you the motivation to power through and meet your appropriate peak.

At the end of a Spin class you likely be hot, sweaty and in need of a short rest. But you will also feel alive, energetic and have a rush of endorphins, making Spin one of the most addictive classes you can take part in.

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About the Trainers


Domenico Patronaggio

Domenico has been passionate about fitness since he was a child. His fitness story started with Martial Arts in 1995; training in the Shitō-ryū style of Karate, achieving a brown belt in this discipline. Domenico has also competed on an international level in full contact Kick Boxing, Power Lifting and Obstacle Races.


  • Athlete: Powerlifting Movements.
  • Athlete: Kick boxing – Full Contact.
  • Athlete: Ultratrail Marathon – NFW 75 miles.
  • Athlete: Obstacle Race; qualified for European and Worldwide championship.
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John Lee Orgill

John joined Urban Kings in 2018, a fresh face to the team; John is a highly motivating and enthusiastic fitness instructor and personal trainer who has been teaching spin for six years and has over eight years’ experience within the fitness industry.

John uses his experience, highly motivating attitude and his passion for music to ensure his spin classes are one of a kind! Teaching to the beat of the music comes naturally to John and he tries to make every class fun and unique. Every class is different depending on the individual members of the class.


  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Strength & Conditioning Diploma
  • Les Mills GRIT
  • RPM and Body Attack
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