Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)


Urban Kings Gym are specialists in all things Thai Boxing. We offer lessons to people of all abilities, from beginners to intermediates and more advanced fighters. With multiple Thai Boxing trainers and lessons across the week in our London training facility, we’re sure we have something to offer every Thai Boxing enthusiast.

About Thai Boxing Classes


One of the fastest growing fighting styles in the UK, Thai Boxing (or Muay Thai) is two thousand years of combat history distilled into the ‘science of eight limbs’, in which the fighter employs fists, shins, knees and elbows, plus a form of stand-up grappling known as clinch work. Thai Boxing’s power and simplicity mean it’s widely regarded as the world’s most effective martial art and it has exploded globally in recent years, winning fans both as a breath-taking ring sport and a vital component of mixed martial arts.

We run weekly group sessions, 10 sometimes 20 people. And should you want to progress at a faster rate we can offer 1-2-1 sessions as we have the elite of UK’s trainers under our roof. Warm up and fitness/ conditioning exercises, Pad work using focus mitts, Thai pads and kick shields.

What it takes

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Thai Boxing for Beginners

As a beginner you will receive plenty of help and guidance in your first sessions.  With some regular training you will quickly pick up the basics of Thai Boxing. We also offer Sparring for more intermediate members. (please note that you will not be expected to join in with sparring until you feel comfortable to do so, and have the necessary protective equipment).

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About the Trainers


Kru Mariusz Slowinski

Kru Mariusz has been training in martial arts since 1996. He began with traditional jiu jitsu and Oyama karate – a style created by Grand Master Shigeru Oyama. During this period, Kru Mariusz competed in over 50 different tournaments featuring many different karate schools and styles, both full contact. Kru Mariusz then undertook training in Thailand.


  • ABA Boxing Coach
  • Thai Boxing Coach (certified by Keatkhamtorn Gym, Bangkok)
  • Exercise and Fitness Knowledge & Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Extreme Kettlebell Instructor
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach CSCC (certified by JC Santana)
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Gyp Tessier

Gyp was first introduced to Martial Arts as a kid, training in Karate and Viet Vo Dao. At the age of 15 he started training Muay Thai in France with Thai champions Pudpadnoi (France Muay Thai) and Krongsak which lead him to fight in the French Muay Thai circuit.

Shortly after he went to Thailand to train at Sityodtong, sor thanikul camp and Lanna boxing where he continued fighting, and for the next 15 years he regularly went to Thailand, training and fighting at several camps around the country. This led him to meet some of  Thailand’s best fighters Orono, Samart and Coban to name a few. He then moved to NYC where he trained and fought under Kru Phil Nurse for several years.

Gyp has had over 60 fights in Muay Thai and kickboxing, fighting in Thailand, Europe and the US.


  • Precision Nutrition
  • Chek Level 1 and Level 2
  • Charles Poliquin Level 1 and Level 2
  • J C Santana MMA-CSCC Level 1
  • NASM – National academy of sports medicine
  • ACE – American council of Exercise
  • Pilates Mat Work (Michael King, London)
  • AIS – Active Isolated Stretching
  • LSSM – London School of Sports Massage
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Josh Palmer

Joining the UKG Team at the start of 2013, Josh brings with him a huge wealth of experience as a Pro Thai Boxer, having fought all over the world including fights in Canada, the U.S, Ireland, the UK, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand to name but a few.

Holding numerous titles in the 67kg and 70kg weight divisions with wins over some top world contenders, Josh continues to compete and is always on the look out for his next bout.


  • ISKA intercontinental champion 67 kg
  • WMF Ontario, Canadian, North American champion 67 and 70 kg
  • Wins in Lumpini and Rajadamnern stadiums , Bangkok, Thailand
  • S1 tournament 2008 , Kings Birthday, Bangkok ,Thailand
  • Semi finalist Z1 – 67kg tournament ,Malaysia, 2009
  • Wins in IFMA world championships 2009
  • I1 tournament Vs Andrei Kulebin , Hong Kong , 2010
  • Finalist WMC North American 140 lbs tournament 2011
  • Muay Thai Contests: 65+
  • MMA Record: 1-0-0
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Blue Belt
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