Veronique Blot

Qualified Yogalates Teacher & Personal Trainer

To help students experience their centre, I created my core poses, specific movements, postures and sequences that bring the student into more core-generated alignment, improving safety and stability while causing a more efficient total body/mind transformation.

Together, my principles and poses simplify how to access, comprehend and use the ‘core’ most efficiently to gain the maximum yoga benefits (calorie burn, strength, flexibility, focus, self-awareness, confidence…) in the least amount of time.
Veronique Blot

Veronique has been in the fitness world for 13 years working first as a personal trainer (YMCA personal training award) then qualified has a yoga teacher (ashtanga training)and Pilates instructor. She has been mixing both yoga and Pilates together to make a Yogalates class with a Vinyasa flow.

Yogalates classes will include exercises and poses to cultivate strength, stamina, stability and flexibility with particular attention paid to building tone in the deeper postural “core” muscles. These protect the spine against injury, support the internal organs and foster pelvic and spinal awareness to promote good posture.


  • Ashtanga teacher training certification 
  • Pilates training under Rachel Holmes
  • Over 13 years experience teaching yoga, pilates and Yogalates
  • Ethos: Will motivate everybody to a better and more positive life