Urban Kings gym are proud to offer specialist Yogalates classes to our members, while lots of gyms offer Yoga or Pilates classes – we are sure we can win you over with Yogalates! Come on down to our London studio to get started.

About Yogalates Classes


Yogalates is an exercise system that is a blend of Yoga and Pilates, created by certified Pilates instructor and yoga practitioner Jonathan Urla in 1997. It is seen as a practise where ‘east meets west’, with Yoga having it’s origins around 3000 BC in India and Pilates being a more contemporary regime from the western world.

What it takes

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Balance & Coordination

Yogalates classes include exercises and poses to cultivate strength, stamina, stability and flexibility with particular attention paid to building tone in the deeper postural “core” muscles. These protect the spine against injury, support the internal organs and foster pelvic and spinal awareness to promote good posture. Core strength can be hard to develop with basic weight training, but by topping up your regular routine with Yogalates, you will find yourself stronger than ever.

Posture correction

Yogalates is suitable for all ages and is a very safe and accessible method making it ideal for sufferers of back pain, arthritis, and osteoporosis and is particularly beneficial for post natal women. As an exercise modality it is excellent for developing general tone and fitness, while also encouraging a connection with self to soothe the nervous system, release stress, aid relaxation and instil inner calm and overall wellbeing.

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About the Trainer


Veronique Blot

Veronique has been in the fitness world for 13 years working first as a personal trainer (YMCA personal training award) then qualified has a yoga teacher (ashtanga training) and Pilates instructor. She has been mixing both yoga and Pilates together to make a Yogalates class with a Vinyasa flow.

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